(95) I am hot-headed, cold-blooded.

To my beloved boyfriend,

I know I am always hot-headed and I always want things to happen in my way. I tend to be a bit more cranky and short-tempered when something happened is not like what I expected. We lost so many bonds as we fights. sometimes, we got them out of hands. 

And now we are going through the toughest phase; being apart. I know we could make it, we even had made it before. But like always, I feel insecure. It reached to the point where I lost my judgment, overreacting and hurt you too much.

Sometimes I feel like I am sick-bitch. I can easily lose my temper and find myself having flare-ups of anger when something is not right. Even the small piece shit. I just cant control myself and I hate it too, I swear.

Sayang, I am sorry. I really -- am sorry. I love you so much and I do admit I am afraid of losing you. I am sorry I made you stayed-up late nights, wasting your time and energy just to accompany me, i am sorry for burdened you when I was sick, I am sorry for every single thing that hurts you. Please always be strong and patience, baby.

I am not asking for more leniencies, I am asking for better relationship between us two, good judgment, patience, and understanding. I know we have so much fights and arguments lately, but I will pull off this bond, as if there’s anything I’m never giving up on, is you. there will be one day we will find ourselves, home. If there are any stupid steps that make you unsure of my words, I am really working on it. Trust me baby. I got you. You got me?

Your sincerely,
your girl.

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